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Protective Outfitters is home of the Ampel Probe safety tool. The Ampel Probe is the #1 choice of professionals worldwide for search and retrieval where efficiency and safety are of the highest priority. When seeking PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) as your first line of defense from potential sharps injuries and their associated blood borne pathogen risks, rely on the Ampel Probe for providing critical "stand-off" distance to help ensure your safety and assist in complying with OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard 1910-1030 for handing contaminated items and sharps. The Ampel Probe is a simple, yet extremely effective tool that is designed to help save lives. Practice safe search and let the Ampel Probe take the risk. To learn more about the Ampel Probe or to place an order CLICK HERE

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"In the seven years that I've been in law enforcement, I've put myself at risk for catching a communicable disease because gloves aren't enough to prevent a needle stick... I think officers today have a greater chance of getting stuck with a needle than being shot." - Adam Burns, a South Florida police officer and advocate of the Ampel Probe

Why Gloves Alone Are Not The Solution

While gloves are a step in the right direction towards sharps injury prevention, gloves alone are not enough. All to often, glove manufacturer advertisements can be very misleading. Their product photographs and promotional videos can lead viewers to believe their gloves will prevent a needle stick. However, upon closer inspection of these advertisements there is always a disclaimer stating that their products are only cut and puncture resistent and that they are not puncture proof. In fact, there is not one manufacturer of protective gloves that will guaranty their product to be puncture proof. Not one. Unfortunately, these misleading advertisements can lull a user into a false sense of security placing them at even greater risk of a potential accident. This is not in the best interest of the customer.

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The Protective Outfitters family is dedicated to helping protect those that protect us. We provide only the highest quality products, made right here in the USA and we stand behind our products 100%. Top quality products at the absolute best prices... guaranteed.

For a better understanding on how our products can benefit your needs, contact Protective Outfitters and a representative will be happy to assist.

Ampel Probe Video

Curious to see the Ampel Probe in action? Then we highly suggest that you take a moment to view this informative video demonstrating just some of the ways this simple, yet revolutionary safety device is being utilized by professionals worldwide.

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Getting A Grip On Safety

Today’s biological hazards in the workplace have become increasingly more dangerous than in years past. As diseases like HIV and Hepatitis reach epidemic proportions and Avian Bird Flu begin to escalate, health and safety concerns have taken center stage with employers and employees alike. From the frontlines of law enforcement, fire/rescue, Hazmat and military to the variety of risks commonly confronted by custodial and electrical workers, these hazards and others create fear for many involved.

From simple bruises and abrasions to more serious concerns such as cuts and sticks from various sharps like razors and needles that potentially harbor these deadly pathogens, workers should always remain alert and exercise every possible precaution to insure their safety.

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Ampel Probe User Testimonials


"The Ampel Probe is not another gadget to wear or store in your box but an essential tool to protect your life in so many ways, everyday. Personally, during my years in Special Operations and as a First Responder in the medical field, wish I could have had access to at least one Ampel Probe tool. The manipulation and especially the stand off distance provided by the tool is essential to the peace officer, bomb technician, investigator and paramedic whether you are collecting evidence or using them to conduct personal pat down searches."

- Rick D. Goins, State of Missouri,
Critical Asset Protection Office.

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North America
  • Rikers Island Penitentiary, New York
  • Berlin Police Department - Kensington, CT
  • Dorchester Penitentiary Dorchester - NB Canada
  • Bi-State Drug Task Force - Indiana
  • Environmental Police Unit, New York City Department of Sanitation - New York, NY
  • Lighthouse Point Police - Lighthouse Point, FL
  • Fire/Rescue - Delray Beach, Florida
  • Critical Asset Protection Office - Missouri
  • US Customs - Detroit, MI
  • US Border Patrol - Washington State
  • SWAT - Boynton Beach, Florida
  • Tapestry Health (Public Safety) - Holyoke, MA
  • Trauma Scene Services (Trauma Scene Clean-up / Public Safety) - Bellevue, Ohio
  • Hyjentek, Inc. (Trauma Scene Clean-up / Public Safety) - Sacramento, CA

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