Ampel Probe User Testimonials

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"The Ampel Probe is not another gadget to wear or store in your box but an essential tool to protect your life in so many ways, everyday. Personally, during my years in Special Operations and as a First Responder in the medical field, wish I could have had access to at least one Ampel Probe tool. The manipulation and especially the stand off distance provided by the tool is essential to the peace officer, bomb technician, investigator and paramedic whether you are collecting evidence or using them to conduct personal pat down searches."

- Rick D. Goins, State of Missouri,
Critical Asset Protection Office.

"The Ampel Probe has proven to be a very beneficial tool to the Office of the Sheriff's Detention Services. The Ampel Probe is used throughout our two facilities where routine pat frisks of arrestees and inmates are conducted. The Ampel Probe aids detention personnel in conducting searches, retrieving contraband and evidence without fear of injury or direct contact with infectious materials or fluids. The Detention Services Division will be relocating to a new state of the art detention facility shortly. It is anticipated that staff will be able to conduct searches of increased numbers of arrestees and inmates quickly and efficiently. The Ampel Probe allows the employer to furnish employees with a place of employment free from recognized hazards that may cause blood borne diseases or serious physical harm to employees. I recommend the Ampel Probe it will provide reasonable and adequate protection to the lives, safety and health of employees. We use it on a routine basis. I don't know how we survived without them."

- Deputy Director Daphony Lyons, North Carolina Detention Center,
Durham County, NC

"As a police officer for over 14 years in Dublin, Ireland I can state categorically that the Ampel Probe is one of the most useful products I have ever come across."

- Stephen Madden, Police Officer
Dublin, Ireland

"This department has purchased your Ampel Probe and have been using it in our one hundred bed jail for the past three months. It has worked out well and all the staff use it when searching incoming prisoners. The thing the staff like most is that it is easy to operate and the safety factor of not having to put fingers into pockets that have sharp objects. The Ampel Probe slides right into the pockets and retrieves any contraband that is there easily and safely. The Ampel Probe is a good investment for the Department."

- Harvey S. Nyland, Sheriff-Coroner,
San Benito County California

"The Ampel Probe is an EPD [Extended Protection Device] that gives you stand off distance, thus keeping your hands away from various chemicals found during searches, it eliminates the possibility of injury from combustible materials that can be triggered by moisture such as sweat."

- Russell Schanlaub, Field Commander / Senior Investigator,
Indiana Bi-State Drug Task Force

"The following is a list of uses that we have found to be helpful in crime scene investigations.

  • Retrieving articles from under and behind car seats
  • Retrieving articles from pants pockets
  • Picking up objects from ground without disturbing fingerprints
  • Picking up bio-hazardous items (bloody items)
  • Removing cigarette butts, paper, etc. from toilets
  • Handling dangerous objects (syringes, etc)
  • Searching purses, bags, suitcases where sharp objects may be hidden
  • Retrieving objects from within car doors or other places too small for a hand (objects such as spent projectiles, etc)

We feel the Ampel Probe has unlimited use and would recommend it to any other law enforcement agency."

- Jenna D. Di Benedetto, Purchasing Assistant,
Office of the Sheriff ö Lee County, Florida

"Tapestry Health has successfully operated a Needle Exchange program for 15 years in western Massachusetts that in addition provides outreach and HIV prevention and screening services to injection drug users. The Ampel Probe has been a invaluable tool in protecting our staff from accidental needle sticks while conducting neighborhood cleanups and with accidental spills in the office."

- Timothy Purington, M Ed., Director, Prevention Services
Tapestry Health, Florence, MA

"Our experience with the Ampel Probe has been positive. It has made vehicle and other environmental searches safer (not putting your hands in places you can’t visualize) and helped us comply with OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard 1910-1030 for handing contaminated items and sharps."

- Lt. James A. Gosselin, Support Services Division Commander
Berlin Connecticut Police Department

"In the seven years that I've been in law enforcement, I've put myself at risk for catching a communicable disease because gloves aren't enough to prevent a needle stick... I think officers today have a greater chance of getting stuck with a needle than being shot."

- Officer Adam Burns
a South Florida police officer and advocate of the Ampel Probe

"... we do not 'endorse' any products for our law enforcement clients, however, when we find a unique product such as yours, we feel comfortable in recommending they consider adapting the product to prevent and reduce losses."

- Hunt Insurance Group

"We use the Probe on a routine basis. I don't know how we survived without them."

- Deputy Director Daphony Lyons
Durham County Detention Center, Durham County, NC

"I would like to take this opportunity to express to you our satisfaction with the Ampel Probe We have used it in searching prisoners in our bullpen area as well as on street arrests. Another use we have found to be appropriate is in searching handbags and packages entering the Courthouse at our weapons screening area."

- Alfred C. Diomedo, Sheriff, Sheriff̢s Department,
County of Northampton, Pennsylvania

"Superb tool for Law Enforcement and Corrections.."

- John J. Vollmann, Jr., Ph. D., Professor of Criminal Justice
School of Justice and Safety Administration, Miami Dade Community College, Miami, Florida


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